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Codechef January Lunchtime from Editorialist

The Codechef January Lunchtime just ended and I was the editorialist for this one. You can find editorials to all 4 problems here:

While 2 problems were quite easy, the other two are very interesting and I had so much fun while solving it, check them out:

Congrats to all participants and let's meet in the next Lunch Time :)

December / January update

I haven't written here for a long time duo to many projects that I am involved in.

Meanwhile, I was the editorialist for Codechef December Long and you can find all my 10 editorials here: This was the first time that I've written editorials for a Long contest and I really enjoyed it.

Furthermore, I took part in Codechef January Long. I solved all problems, but one of them only partially which resulted in 134th place out of 8576 competitors - not bad, but I was very frustrated that I wasn't able to solve Xor Queries for a full credit. Anyway, this was a great contest. Big thanks to problem setter, especially to cgy4ever for Ranka problem - you don't see often this type of problems in contests! The bottom line is that my personal best in Codechef Long is still 19th place and I am very eager to beat it soon!


The last information is that I am again the editorialist for the next Lunch Time contest. The problems are very good, especially for beginners and I encourage all of you to take part in it.