HackerEarth August Easy / Subscriptions to blog enabled

First things first, I have just enabled subscriptions to blog. If you want to get informed about new posts or just appreciate my work, please leave me your email in the box located on the right. I will personally thank you and you will be receiving latest cool news from competitive programming world as soon as possible.

HackerEarth August Easy

August Easy is coming and I am the tester of all problems in it. They are so cool that you have to participate. If you decide to, you will face 6 problems: a geometry one, one involving bitwise XOR, a string challenge, one related to permutations and 2 ad-hoc problems. There are over 1200 people already registered, so we expect a great competition!

and more..

Moreover,  another big 24 hour contest with great prizes is coming and I am the author of a hard problem in it. More details coming soon :) Stay tuned!