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November Easy on HackerEarth

On every 1st day of a month, HackerEarth hosts a special contest. It is called an Easy Contest, because it is targeted especially for beginners. However, it does not mean that there are just easy problems to solve, not at all!. This time, the problem set is prepared by shef_2318 and tested by Kmcode. I write editorials, as I usually do for this contest.

The contest is available here: November Easy 2015

There is something special about the contest. This time, problem set contains two unusual problems to solve. They are  completely different than any standard algorithmic problem, so we expect a very nice competition and we are curious how will participants deal with these problems. In addition to these special problems, you will get a chance to solve one problem defined on a tree, decide who has a winning strategy in a special game, and solve two problems targeted for beginners.

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CodeChef October Lunchtime

October Lunchtime starts in just under 24 hours, and I am the editorialist for the whole contest.

This time, problems are especially interesting for me. Big thanks to Pavel Sheftelevich, who created all of them. Pavel has a great ability to create incredible problems with really simple statements - the thing we all love. The setter of a previous Lunchtime, Sergey Kulik, is the tester of the whole problem set this time. We started working on this contest later than usual, but it turned out, that a great contest can be prepared in just a few days :)

If you decide to participate, which you should do, you will probably start with solving two simple problems: an easy string problem and an interesting one ad-hoc problem related to multiplication extremely big numbers. For those of you who managed to solve them quickly, there are two harder problems waiting. I can tell you, that a desired solution to one of them uses a technique, which is not known as much as it should be. I will describe the approach with details, in the editorial, which will be posted just after the contest on Codechef discuss. The last subtask to the second of these harder problems, at first time might look unsolvable for some participants, but I really encourage all of you to engage all of your skills to solve it. If you manage it, you will be very pleased :)

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All editorials are available here

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ACM ICPC Practice on HackerEarth

HackerEarth ACM ICPC Practice contests starts in just under 2 hours. If you are preparing to any ICPC contests, this is a nice challenge for you.

The problem set is prepared by FatalEaglememset123shef_2318xennygrimmato,
sokolov, tanmaysahay94 and me.

Also, it was very nice to work again with Bohdan aka I_love_Tanya_Romanova, who tested all the problems and helped me with writing editorials to all of them.

There are 11 problems in the contest of varying difficulties, but they are rather easier than on official such contests. Make sure to look at all of them!


My editorials in PDF are available here