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Zenefits CodeSprint on HackerRank

I haven't taken part in a 24 hour contest for a long time and when I got a notification that Zenefits is about to host a CodeSprint on HackerRank, I decided to take sign up.

The bad news that it started at 1 AM in my timezone, so not perfect if you want to sleep at night :) However, there were amazing prices to win, including cash, 10 trips to Zenefits HQ in US, and of course T-shirts. Prices attracted people as always, and the competition was quite strong.

There were 14 problems in the contest. I solved a few simpler in the first 2 hours, then went sleep and solved as many remaining ones as I could in the last 4 hours of the contest. This game me 89th place out of above 1000 competitors, at least qualifying me for a T-shirt. Probably, I should've slept about 6 hours rather than 12 that night :P this would give me required time to solve more problems and probably a place in the top 30.

I really like 24-48 hours contest format and I'm going to participate in more such competitions. It seems that HackerRank hosts a lot of such code sprints.

Last but not least, the problem set was really amazing. Setters did a great job, I encourage all of you to take a look at all the problems. There is even an optimization geometry problem with an intended linear programming solution, which I didn't figure out during the contest, because I totally forgot about this technique :P You can access all the problems here