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Indeed Prime Codesprint by HackerRank

Yesterday, I took part in Indeed Prime Codesprint hosted by HackerRank.

The contest duration was 24 hours, but I started solving problems when 8 hours were remaining. There were just 5 problems to solve and nice prizes for top 3 competitors as well as T-shirts for top 100.

I finished 72nd out of over 1400 total contestants. It was quite funny, because I struggled a lot with the 4th problem and when I got it finally accepted, there was very little time to write any solution to the hardest problem. Then I realized, that without solving it I would finished out of top 100, so I decided to write a dynamic programming solution, without any optimizations, and definitely too slow to pass all test cases. However, it was enough to pass over 1/3 of them, which gave me the final position and hopefully at least a T-shirt.

I want to mention that two hardest problems are worth to solve, because they require concepts and ideas every competitor basically must know, so if you want to practice or even learn something new, try them definitely.


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December Easy 2015 by HackerEarth

Hi all,

December Easy Contest by HackerEarth is taking place on December the 3rd at 5:00pm CET. Contest duration is 3 hours.

There will be 5 problems to solve, all algorithmic ones, especially targeted for beginners. However, I'm pretty sure that any participant will find them interesting to solve :) All the problems have partial scoring and ties are resolved by penalty time.

A little hint for you, 3 of the 5 problems will ask you to minimize some value, so be better prepared with methods of solving these kind of problems :)

As the tester and editorialist for the contest, I want to thank the problem setter aditya1495 and admin belowthebelt for preparing the contest. It was nice to work with you guys as always!

As a tradition in Easy Contests, the top 5 beginners (1st year or 2nd year) will receive HackerEarth T-shirts.

Good luck and see you on leaderboard!