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Lambda Calculi - March 2016 on HackerRank

Hello everyone,

I'd like to invite all of you to the Lambda Calculi - March 2016 contest hosted by HackerRank. The contest is a functional programming competition. It starts Mar 25 2016, 06:30 am CET and lasts for 3 days. The purpose of the contest is to test your functional programming skills starting from some basic concepts to harder algorithmic problems. 

The top 10 participants will be awarded with HackerRank T-shirts.

I'm the author of two harder problems in the contest, so I want to give you some clues about them. The first problem is purely about implementing a data structure (an extension a very well-known one), while the second one is going to test your ability to present some standard concepts used in imperative programming in a functional programming domain.

See you on leaderboard!