SnackDown Online Pre-elimination round A

SnackDown 2017, Codechef's most important contest of the year takes place right now.

Over 12 000 teams advanced from the qualifier round to pre-eliminations rounds. Today first pre-elimination round A started and it'll end in around 14 hours.

There are 6 problems to solve in this round, and at least 5 are interesting. Top 1000 teams from this round will advance to the last Elimination Round, from which around 50 top teams will move to the onsite finals!


This time I'm not involved in contest preparation, but I'm participating in the contest :) Since this is a team contest I paired with my friend Tong Wei. However, when the contest started he was sleeping, so I took care of all these problems ;) We have all problems solved, so we are tied for 1st place, so for sure we'll advance to the next round.

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 5.29.13 AM

If you need any clues for approaching the problems (after the contest) just let me know.

See you in the next round!



  • Shivso

    Can u give me some clue to problem 2
    Is it snake ?

    I tried but not approaching to the the correct result

    • pkacprzak

      Sure, but after the contests

      • someone

        Would you kindly post the basic idea behind all the solutions after the contest?

        • pkacprzak

          Yes, in fact, I'm writing official editorials right now. I'll probably post them here and on Codechef's discuss board

  • nikhil

    can you post the link to editorial of CONSESNK (consecutive snake)
    and GAMEBALL please???

    • pkacprzak

      Of course, they should be ready today. I've just posted editorials for the first 3 problem on

      • nikhil

        can you post here the tag of CONSESNK. So, that i can think in that way according to tag.Actually, I am unable to approach this question.

        • pkacprzak

          I'll do that, but first I have to write it :) Notice that since I was participating in the contest, I didn't know the problems before, so I started writing editorials just a few hours ago.