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Codechef June Lunchtime 2017

On Saturday, Codechef June Lunchtime 2017 took place. I wrote the editorials for the contest and have to tell you that at least 2 problems were quite interesting, and one of them exceptionally hard! If you take a look at the final standings, you'll see that only 3 people solved all problems during the contest, and we had very strong participants as usual. My bet was that nobody will solve it, but fortunately, I was wrong :)

If you didn't participate and want to practice problem-solving skills, I recommend trying COMPCLUB problem, or if you want something really hard, then try SHDWCMP.

My editorials are available here.

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My participation in Codechef June 17 Long Contest


Codechef June 17 has just finished. After a few months of my inactivity in Codechef Long contests, caused by helping in preparing these contests, I took part in this one.

It turned out to be a fun contest with decent problems. I especially liked CLONEME problem and also ES - I'm not math expert by any means, so I got to put some unusual effort to solve it :D Challenge problem SABOTEUR was also nice, but I regret I didn't put enough effort there. I also regret not tackling the OAK problem.

I finished 34th, which is my second best result there I think, and this resulted in jumping to the top rank in Poland in the overall ranking. I'll try next month to beat that result.

If you have any questions regarding the problems from the contest or my approaches to them, I'd be happy to answer them.

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HackerRank Ad Infinitum 18

On June 9, HackerRank Ad Infinitum 18 has started. It is a math-oriented programming contest. There are 7 problems to solve, and I had a pleasure to prepare 2 of them.

If you like math and haven't joined the contest yet now it's time to do it :)  It's a rare opportunity for math lovers.

It's a rather rare opportunity for math enthusiasts. The next edition is planned in around 3 months from now.