Codechef April 17 Long


Codechef April 17 Long Challenge has started today and I'm happy that my problem Stable Market is one of the problems in the contest. This is the first time I created a problem for a Codechef Long Challenge, and moreover, it's quite interesting one, so I'm excited to see your submissions :D

Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 1.26.04 AM

HackerEarth February Clash


After a few months, my problems are again in a HackerEarth contest. This time it is Clash, which is targeted to experienced programmers.

The contest starts just under 6 hours from now and will last for 24 hours. You can register for it here: https://www.hackerearth.com/challenge/competitive/february-clash-17/

I created two problems for the contest and both are related to graphs. One is a problem with trees and windmills :) while the other one is approximation problem used as a tiebreaker in such contests.

I hope all of you will enjoy the contest and my problems especially :)

See you on the leaderboard!


December Lunchtime - my first Codechef contest

I'm happy to announce upcoming Codechef December Lunchtime as the setter of all the problems in the contest. This is my first contest on Codechef and for sure not the last one :D

The contest starts on Saturday December 31 and have 4 problems to solve, 2 easier and 2 harder ones. Some graph theory might be useful while trying to solve them ;) If you want to finish the year strong, this is a nice possibility.

After the contest my editorials will be posted on discuss.codechef.com as always.

Happy coding and good luck!


My approximation problem in HackerEarth November Circuits

HackerEarth monthly long contest starts tomorrow and one of the problems there is my approximate challenge :) The goal will be to find the best walk in a matrix within some constraints. It will be available just from the beginning of the contest so stay tuned.

There are some prices for top finishers, like cash and t-shirts.

You can register for the contest here: https://www.hackerearth.com/november-circuits/