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My article for HackerEarth Codemonk

HackerEarth just published my first article prepared in purpose of Codemonk series.

This article is a comprehensive tutorial to the most basic graph algorithms, especially useful if you want an overview of the shortest paths problem. In addition, I explained topological sorting also, which is a great property of directed acyclic graphs.

The article is available here: Codemonk: Graph Theory Part II


My contest // Codemonk Revision for HackerEarth

I am very happy to announce my first contest prepared for HackerEarth. It is a part of Codemonk series, which is very popular recently.

The contest is available here: Codemonk Revision

So far, each contest from that series has covered some particular category of algorithms and data structures, not only with problems, but also with an educative article which helped to solve the problems. We have seen graph algorithms, number theory and many more.

My contest is the revision of all Codemonks prepared so far, so you can expect a variety of different problems with cool stories :)

I also want to thank Bohdan Pryshchenko (lebronI_love_Tanya_Romanova) for testing the problems in extreme conditions ;)

Cheers and see you on leaderboards.