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Indeed Prime Codesprint by HackerRank

Yesterday, I took part in Indeed Prime Codesprint hosted by HackerRank.

The contest duration was 24 hours, but I started solving problems when 8 hours were remaining. There were just 5 problems to solve and nice prizes for top 3 competitors as well as T-shirts for top 100.

I finished 72nd out of over 1400 total contestants. It was quite funny, because I struggled a lot with the 4th problem and when I got it finally accepted, there was very little time to write any solution to the hardest problem. Then I realized, that without solving it I would finished out of top 100, so I decided to write a dynamic programming solution, without any optimizations, and definitely too slow to pass all test cases. However, it was enough to pass over 1/3 of them, which gave me the final position and hopefully at least a T-shirt.

I want to mention that two hardest problems are worth to solve, because they require concepts and ideas every competitor basically must know, so if you want to practice or even learn something new, try them definitely.


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Zenefits CodeSprint on HackerRank

I haven't taken part in a 24 hour contest for a long time and when I got a notification that Zenefits is about to host a CodeSprint on HackerRank, I decided to take sign up.

The bad news that it started at 1 AM in my timezone, so not perfect if you want to sleep at night :) However, there were amazing prices to win, including cash, 10 trips to Zenefits HQ in US, and of course T-shirts. Prices attracted people as always, and the competition was quite strong.

There were 14 problems in the contest. I solved a few simpler in the first 2 hours, then went sleep and solved as many remaining ones as I could in the last 4 hours of the contest. This game me 89th place out of above 1000 competitors, at least qualifying me for a T-shirt. Probably, I should've slept about 6 hours rather than 12 that night :P this would give me required time to solve more problems and probably a place in the top 30.

I really like 24-48 hours contest format and I'm going to participate in more such competitions. It seems that HackerRank hosts a lot of such code sprints.

Last but not least, the problem set was really amazing. Setters did a great job, I encourage all of you to take a look at all the problems. There is even an optimization geometry problem with an intended linear programming solution, which I didn't figure out during the contest, because I totally forgot about this technique :P You can access all the problems here