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HackerRank Ad Infinitum 18

On June 9, HackerRank Ad Infinitum 18 has started. It is a math-oriented programming contest. There are 7 problems to solve, and I had a pleasure to prepare 2 of them.

If you like math and haven't joined the contest yet now it's time to do it :)  It's a rare opportunity for math lovers.

It's a rather rare opportunity for math enthusiasts. The next edition is planned in around 3 months from now.


HackerRank Week of Code 24

HackerRank Week of Code 24 started yesterday. It is a contest lasting a week, with 7 problems to solve. On each day, one of the problems becomes available to solve, and tomorrow, my problem called Simplified Chess Engine opens up. It is a nice problem related to analyzing chess games played on a smaller board with just a few pieces. I hope it will be interesting for all of you.

Moreover, there are T-shirts for top 10 participants, so it pays off to compete for them :)

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RookieRank contest by HackerRank

I'm pleased to invite you, especially these ones of you who are starting with competitive programming, or like to practice with easy problems, to compete in a brand new contest RookieRank by HackerRank.

There will be 5 problems to solve, starting from very easy ones up to a few just slightly harder. I'm the author of 4 of them.

Moreover, there will be two separated leaderboards. One especially for all first time competitive programmers, i.e. these who are not listed on the Algorithms Leaderboard yet. The point is, that if you are just starting on HackerRank, you will compete with other people with similar experience.

The contest starts in 4 hours and you can register for it here.

Good Luck!


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Regular Expresso 2 Contest

Hi guys,

My contest called Regular Expresso starts in just over 2 hours on HackerRank. The contest is all about regular expression and this is its second edition. It contains 8 problems of various difficulties and it will last 24 hours.

Top 10 participants will be awarded with cool T-shirts :)

You can register for the contest here:


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Lambda Calculi - March 2016 on HackerRank

Hello everyone,

I'd like to invite all of you to the Lambda Calculi - March 2016 contest hosted by HackerRank. The contest is a functional programming competition. It starts Mar 25 2016, 06:30 am CET and lasts for 3 days. The purpose of the contest is to test your functional programming skills starting from some basic concepts to harder algorithmic problems. 

The top 10 participants will be awarded with HackerRank T-shirts.

I'm the author of two harder problems in the contest, so I want to give you some clues about them. The first problem is purely about implementing a data structure (an extension a very well-known one), while the second one is going to test your ability to present some standard concepts used in imperative programming in a functional programming domain.

See you on leaderboard!